About ⋮ Mission, Vision, & Values

We embrace, enrich, empower, and educate young children and families in our community.


The Burlington Children’s Space embraces, enriches, empowers and educates young children and families in our community.


Our vision is to be a nurturing, educational haven for children and an indispensable early education and child care resource to families and our community.


  • The BCS values high quality early education and childcare for all children:
    and believes that BCS experiences contribute to this goal.
  • The BCS values community:
    and prioritizes effective partnerships with various community entities. We believe these partnerships result in a synergy that both enhances childrenís experiences and opportunities and improves our community.
  • The BCS values diversity:
    and believes success depends on the Center’s ability to be inclusive and assure the availability of comprehensive programs and services to all populations.
  • The BCS values staff:
    the provision of a well-qualified, motivated staff is imperative for ensuring that the Center fulfills its mission.
  • The BCS values fiscal soundness:
    by becoming a self-sustaining non-profit endeavor.
  • The BCS values excellence:
    by being the educator and caretaker of choice for young children and families.


a. 241 N. Winooski Ave. Burlington, VT 05401  •  e: sadamskollitz@burlingtonchildrensspace.org   •  p: 802.658.1500 x 13  •  f: 802.658.6974