At Burlington Children’s Space, we believe that young children thrive when their learning is cultivated within a stimulating and nurturing environment that takes into consideration the “whole” child.

Family, culture, socioeconomic background and developmental stage are all integral parts of each child and should be welcomed as integrated parts of a rich environment. We strive to create a sense of community for our children within the Center and help them feel a part of the larger community they live in as well.

Children are competent learners. We respect and value their curiosity, their social nature, their purposeful inquiries and their incredible perseverance. We believe that children will demonstrate their own complex and meaningful agendas for learning as they all possess a natural desire to challenge themselves and embrace new experiences.

We believe in positive language, active problem solving, appropriate limits and positive consequences for desired behavior and we strive to model these ideas within empathetic and caring classrooms.

Finally, we believe in the power of love and acceptance and that we have as much to learn from young children as they have to learn from us.