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It’s Fun Run Time Again!

BCS is getting ready for the Second Annual Fun Run at the Intervale on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Last year we had over 100 participants running, volunteering, and cheering everyone on. We’re sticking with the same format this year: <1K for kids at 10AM followed by a 5K for older kids and adults at 10:30AM. Register, start and finish at the Intervale Center ( Thanks IC!), just past Gardener’s Supply on Intervale Road. You can pre-register online with a credit card anytime (see link at the end of this paragraph), or by mailing a registration form and check to BCS, 241 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT 05401, or at the Intervale on race day starting at 9:30AM.

You can do your online registration here: Click & Pledge

Or download a registration form to mail to BCS:BCS Fun Run Registration2013

Buy a Bag ,  Get a Bag

Here’s a chance to improve childhood nutrition and get yourself a great bag, all at the same time.

If you make a donation of $25.00 or more to BCS (using the donate now button at the bottom of this page) we will send you an I Love Lunch bag and fill a bag with nutritious food for a family to take home over our next school break. Take home bags help low income families stay well fed when BCS is not open to provide breakfast, lunch and snack each day. They contain great ingredients like beans, tortillas, oatmeal, cheese, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereal, pasta, sauce, and peanut butter along with ideas and recipes from Chef Erinn.

You can also drop by BCS to make a donation if you would like to use cash or a check.

The Growing Food program

BCS now serves over 30,000 snacks and meals each year.  Bi-monthly dinners, supported by City Market,  regularly attract 60 parents,  staff members,  children,  and relatives who cook and eat together,  learning more about the meals we serve during the day and enjoying family style eating.  Over 120 family members and community partners joined us for our annual Family Feast on November 16.   Through our nutrition program we are able to see the many positive outcomes for children who are well fed in the hours they are at school.  These include positive behavior,  improved social interactions,  energy for active play and daily outings,  and growing interest in trying new foods.  For children from homes where food is scarce,  these effects are even more pronounced:  fewer illnesses,  better school attendance,  lower anxiety about getting enough to eat,  and the ability to regulate their eating based on cues from their bodies. When children know they are going to have enough to teat,  they can begin to enjoy food.

A gift of $15 allows us to send home enough for breakfast and lunch for 5 days.  And additional $5.00 allows us to add fresh produce to the bag.  A larger donation will help us make much needed upgrades to our kitchen so that Erinn can process and store more fresh produce to use throughout the winter and take better advantage of free produce from our neighbors at the Intervale.

The Enrichment Endowment

In 2012 several creative parents created the Enrichment Endowment to support the kind of hands on learning that happens every day at BCS.  Here’s what they had to say:

“In any other school where over 70% of children receive financial assistance, real-world learning could easily find its way to the back burner. At Burlington Children’s Space, we believe that all young learners should be given the chance to engage fully with their community and with the world at large.”

Your support to help build the Enrichment Trust will provide ongoing support for art and documentation materials, bus passes, tickets to the Flynn and other local performances, stipends for guest-presenters (e.g., BCA, FlynnArts, Raptor Center, etc.), and  materials that support field experiences (e.g., strollers, rain boots and coats, winter clothing, nets,  magnifying glasses,  clipboards,  backpacks, walkie talkies, etc.).  $15 pays for two tickets to a performance at the Flynn Theater,  $20  covers the cost of bus passes for a day’s outing,  $100 helps cover the cost of a guest artists to inspire children of all ages.

Tuition Support

BCS continues to offer one of the county’s only sliding scales for tuition for full time child care.  For 28 years we have been committed to supporting an economically diverse population by reducing co-pays for families receiving a child care subsidy and basing tuition on a family’s income. This support is especially important to families who make too much to qualify for a child care subsidy,  and not enough to afford quality care,  especially if they have more than one child.   In 2012 over 70% of  BCS families received tuition support so that they could access full time care for their children.

Your support will help us maintain an economically diverse population,  one of BCS’s greatest attributes.  Any amount is appreciated.

Donate Now

We have an account with “Click and Pledge” which allows you to use a credit or debit card to easily make your donation.  Click the button below to donate now!

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